How to get traffic from USA?

Question is incomplete.

You want organic traffic or paid?
Temporary traffic?
Your niche and KW competition
Current status of your website. Is it new or getting traffic already?

I can assist you if I could know these info.
Based on your niche , you should focus on get quality backlinks from mixed of sources will helpful. You can try the local business sites from USA for the better result.
Try out 7Search PPC; they have great traffic in the US.
I can't believe 7Search made a comeback. They closed down a few years ago.
Do you know if it's under the same owner or was it sold to someone else?
If you want more traffic from the USA, you can try writing guest posts in your niche to get organic traffic. For free traffic, use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram groups. Both methods will help drive more visitors to your website.
I once increased a client's traffic in the US by targeting local forums and social media groups related to their niche, which helped drive organic traffic. Don't forget to optimize your site for local SEO
I have get traffic from USA very less. I want to more traffic for USA.
To attract more traffic from the USA, focus on creating high-quality content that resonates with American audiences. Optimize your website for relevant keywords and phrases that are popular in the US. Promote your content through social media channels popular in the US, consider targeted advertising campaigns, and collaborate with influencers or websites with a US audience. Building backlinks from reputable US-based websites can also improve your visibility in search results.

Shadow Scavenger
I would suggest focusing on US Facebook groups that target your particular niche. Otherwise, you can promote/advertise your site using social media-targeted ads.
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