How to get started before a product gets launched !?

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    Guys, I have a big question and I'm going 'round around ideas like a circle. Let's say for example, you find out about a new product to be launched over one week or so, on CB, and there is almost 0 competition for the main keyword of the product. What do you have to do in order to secure yourself many spots on the first page? I was thinking on some ideas, buy some .whatever domains left with the product name, make some domains like product name+review/s .com etc,, product name + scam .com etc.. integrate them with the templates of clickbump engines 4, which I observed that are used and do get on first page, and still wonder how can a theme help that much?click bump seo smart links business edition etc etc, And also write articles on AB, ezines, squidoo etc

    This is kinda my plan for what to do before launch. I would really appreciate any corrections, advices, adds~ w/e ; And if I get ranked on Google on first page , like being the first, is it going to get down soon by other people using xrumer and scrapebox and so~? Please try to reply to the full post, not only to a part of it, thanks :beach_pla
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