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How To Get Rich!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SweTech, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. SweTech

    SweTech Power Member

    Apr 22, 2011
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    SEO freelancer
    Stockholm, Sweden
    A BS title but at least I got your attention.

    Everyday, I am getting a couple of BHW noobs adding me on Skype asking me how to get rich on IM. I find this a bit funny since I am not rich myself with my own standards, but still, I always give them the same answer.

    Look at IM the same way you would as if you were enrolled in University.

    Getting good at anything takes hard work and a lot of trial and error. To maximize your learning, try to make schedules every week what to do and then stick to it.

    My "schedule" for the next week, just to give you an example:

    Monday: Communicate with designer regarding new logo. Pay the other designer doing infographic. Rewatch a couple of the Distilled Pro SEO Boston seminar video´s and take notes. Communicate with my bot designer. Speak with Ericsson for a couple of hours on different matters.

    Tuesday: Complete a bot for myself. Rewatch another of the Distilled SEO seminar video´s and take notes. Speak with ExtraWinner on Skype regarding some new SEO-tactics. Write a blog post in Swedish.

    Wednesday: Early morning. Doing a manual snapback (backorder) for a couple of Swedish domains. I always use both services and try to do it myself. Watch a SEO-webinar. Check out the result of a new WP plugin I got as a review copy.

    Thursday: Complete the Cashvertiser book and re-write my notes. Update my SEO-blueprint with my new findings. Write an English blog post.

    Friday: Improving my Thesis-knowledge. Other things I have ignored during the week.

    Of course.. your schedule shouldn´t look the same as mine. The important thing is that you make a plan and stick to it. Of course, other things might come up which need your immediate attention but still try to stick to the plan as much as possible.

    What you have to understand is that IM is a hard thing to learn. Just because there are no "formal" education within the field, that doesn´t mean you don´t have to work to be good at it.

    Often, I see people (especially noobs) coming here thinking that Internet is some kind of gold mine where you can just put a showel in the ground, start digging and start earning the big buck.

    Every time someone post a crappy WSO with titles such as "How to earn a million bucks in 2 days", it gets tons of downloads while most of the shares which takes some time to learn is just ignored.

    Sorry noobs, once and for all, you will not get rich over night - no matter what the "guru´s" say.

    Just to give you an example. This is probably my most important share at BHW and it barely got any attention what so ever. Only a few very knowledgeable people did approach me and thanked me for the post in PM.


    I know that it is hard to find proper information. Many people claim to know what they are talking about but 95 % of them is full of BS. Hence, try to stick to reputable sources such as seomoz etc. If you read threads at BHW, do not browse around but rather watch the posts thanked by reputable members you trust.

    It is not a 100 % fool-proof way to know that the information given is correct, but at least the chances are higher compared to if you just surf around reading bits here and there.

    Another thing people does is to try to find the "ultimate" SEO-software. I bet that many people here at BHW would have built 100´s of complete SEO-campaigns if they would have taken the time they surfed around looking for different tools and actually worked instead.

    Let me tell you once and for all:

    First, you should learn how to do things manually. Once you have done it 50 times and built up your own SEO-strategy, see what things you could automate with good results. Then go hunt for a tool which can do just that.

    Now, I am busy with other things.. I have a book to read, a skype-session with a client and a meeting with webmasters to attend.

    Follow my advice and one day, you will be able to earn a good living thanks to IM.

    All the best,
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  2. random227512

    random227512 BANNED BANNED

    Oct 5, 2011
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    Great post mate.. I am a noob but I know money is something which is attained through hard work.. but on the internet it can be attained through temporary hard work & after that auto-piloting (minus algorithm changes) and the money just pours in.

    Great post though, thanks!. ;)
  3. thedon23

    thedon23 Elite Member

    Dec 21, 2009
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    Another great post SweTech. +rep

    I was like that when I first started IM in 2006-2007 (I was 15). I literally was clueless. I made a blogger blog, copied articles from other sites, put Adsense on my site, and sat around. After a week, I was disappointed I made no money, and pretty much quit.

    Few months later, got back into it, and since then, it's like I've been attending university. I'm 19 now, and I guess you could say I've finished my 4 years of IM university. Now I've really begun to put things into action. Unfortunately, I still have 3 years of real university left..but that's another topic haha.

    To everyone, SweTech speaks the truth. I personally don't make a lot online. But I'm working towards it. Building something that may take 6 months, 8 months, even a year. But if you stick with it, it WILL make money. Don't give up. :cool:
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  4. kelso

    kelso Regular Member

    Nov 30, 2009
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    Making a good working schedule has always been my biggest problem. And I do know from experience that if I sort that out I can accomplish virtually any goal I set for myself.

    The internet is indeed a goldmine but rather a very hard to apptoach one. One needs to prepare a whole set of shovels, dig smart and the Bucks will Eventually come, tiny chunk by chunk forming that "BIG Bucks" goldmine.

    I myself have not succeeded in finding my golden ore vein, but I don't give up and keep digging in.

  5. Akihabara

    Akihabara Registered Member

    Aug 18, 2011
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    Most of IM workers are doing this at home, so it's hard to keep concentrated and fix to a shedule.

    But you are right, to have a good view of what to do is essential
  6. hideki_

    hideki_ Registered Member

    Sep 1, 2011
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    being a young IM wannabe, its hard for us getting by with the real university also. LOL I do not doubt why successful IM quit their real life school and work when they suddenly hit K's of $ a month or even a day. XD
  7. bk071

    bk071 Jr. Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 24, 2010
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    Very well written post by a great guy. Listen to him, folks!
  8. wickedguy

    wickedguy Supreme Member

    Jul 22, 2009
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    BHW--> South Africa
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    How to get Rich ? It's EASY!! Win the lotto !!!:D
  9. WizIMS

    WizIMS Power Member

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Skype - Wiz.IMS
    Home Page:
    Yeah It's really important to have a daily schedule

    I found it even better, to calculate how much tasks together almost takes, then putting a time limit to finish the tasks each day.
    Reading SEO ~ 1 hr
    Coding shits ~ 2 hrs
    Find a designer ~ 30 minutes

    Together : ~ 3.5 hours
    Time limit : 7pm or w/e (Just add 4-5 hours to the time now)

    I hope you understood guys cause it really helps.

    Also, I suggest you plan your day schedule each day, and not weekly.

  10. gulsher

    gulsher Newbie

    Sep 10, 2011
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    Just keep going on... dont loose faith in yourself...