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How to get reviews ratings installs exchange for android,itune,amazon apps?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by primebuffet, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. primebuffet

    primebuffet Newbie

    Oct 29, 2014
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    hi mate im new users on this fourm so can't post the sitehere

    but yes you can check this site, primebuffet . c o mmmmm, can be put by you or some any other user hv old on this fourm can re-post this full url

    yes 100% you can get bulk exchange for reviews,ratings,installs, as well as if you wish can buy from them directly at cheapest rate too
    like .05$ for each and targeted installs for for your desire country

    they provide service for

    android applications
    iTune or ios applications
    Amazon applications

    its work like

    1. singup> add your app > ios or android or amazon etc
    2.set points you wanted to spend
    3.go to reviews options there you will seen lots of other applications of other users with points

    just you need to click one by one apps then just give installs,reviews and rate them
    you will earn bulk points

    4.same points you can use for promotions of your any apps. you can use them for yours ios, android or amazon any apps

    5.if you dont have any apps then if you wish you can click on request CASH OUT they will convert these points into cash and will send you money direct into your paypal id or bank transfer

    also most they pay 1$ for one point. so yes we can say its good for earning purposes too

    also they are sending the email that very soon going to launch new apps for these services so that mobile user also will can use this