How to get published on Ezine Articles.

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    Getting published on Ezine Articles can seem impossible, especially to someone who is new to article submission. Ezine has many guidelines for what they consider a "publishable" article. But, it really boils down to 2 things, the body and the resource box.

    It's really simple. No sales copy in the body and no affiliate links in the body or the resource box. Actually, no affiliate links anywhere. However, if you own a domain name, you can redirect your domain or redirect subdomains to affiliate products and still be published.

    Ezine editors DO NOT LIKE personalized articles. You cannot say things like "I use this new weight loss product" or "I lost 50 lbs using this weight loss program" or "After I searched the internet, I found this awesome video blah blah blah". Do not personalize your article. Just write generally on the subject your writing about. Example: "Weight loss can be difficult for those who are sedentary." or "You can lose weight by following certain programs or methods that have been proven over time." or "There are namy resources available online and offline to help you lose weight." I hope I'm explaining myself in a way you can understand what I mean.

    The resource box also cannot tell people to "Click here" or "Follow this link" type of wording. You can however say things like, "It is highly recommended that a proven program be used to help you lose weight." Never tell people to click or follow a link. And never place links in the body, just in the resource box. Do what I call a "Soft Link". You simply say something in the resource box like. "It's crazy how hard it is to lose weight for some people. And, there are only a few weight loss programs available that actually work. "insert redirect link here".

    I hope this helps.