How to get PPC traffic to sell smart watch

Big Carter

Jul 7, 2016
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I am seriously looking into trying to sell the DZ09 smart watch (people buy these like crazy, 100,000s sold on ebay for example, very high converting item imo) and I am wondering what is the best place and settings to get PPC traffic for my landing page, which will be on my own site with secure checkout.

If you see the screenshot i've attached, you will see that google keyword planner tells me if i set my max cpc to 0.04, i can get 500 clicks for $15... i find this hard to belie, is this really possible? For the keywords, i have smart watch and variants, which gets 100,000+ search/month easy

All advice would be welcome, i can get the watches at $11 each and I want to sell at $30.


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