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How to get "interested" traffic without google

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by atosz33, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. atosz33

    atosz33 Junior Member

    Jun 2, 2012
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    Hungary, Eger
    Hi Guys! This is my first Method ( so not realy a real method , just a tip)
    I don't know maybe some of you know or use this traffic source ( or a very similar ) so don't hate me if i'm boring you, it's for newbies.
    And it's important it's works on Online marketing sites ( like : I show you how to make money online, with adfly etc).
    So first create a gmail account. And go to the options -> and go to the bottom and there is an auto responder. Now fill the box with this :
    Dear interested,

    I create a site for your adviceing , please go to there ( fill your site there , clickable link!) and you will find all information about the business ( i don't know if is it works on other niche too , try!) and I will answer all of you questions there! Thanks for etc etc , write a beautiful ending .

    Then go to advertising sites ( I don't know sites , beacuse I just use this method in my country and there are a LOT OF micro free advertising site ) Make an advert about : Make money online ( or other niche as I said ) easily . I will help you ( use your imagination for write a very good advert ) then put your gmail adress to the end. Then you will have about 5-10 ( or more ? I don't know in other countries ) mail each day. Then they will reach your site and if you made good artciles about money making ( or other niche ..) they will register as your refferal , and if you know a realy good but easy method , they will made money for you ( I think you can write a good article about : How to make money with Tumblr blogs ( imagetwist and plugrush ) or with other things! And this earning will be PASSIVE . I think it's good :)

    So sorry for my very bad english, I hope I can help you with this method!

    Edit : and i realized you will have a good REAL e-mail list too ;)
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  2. ChatAnd.net

    ChatAnd.net BANNED BANNED

    Jun 12, 2012
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    Good info for newbies..You can also email webmasters about how to improve there site without your link and when they email you back they get your link..This has a better inbox rate.
  3. therage

    therage Senior Member

    Jul 18, 2012
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    Strategist / Psychologist
    Stupidity Makes Me Puke!
    While scrapping emails and email marketing work at its finest, I still prefer having multiple sources of traffic and such as my main force to drive visitors. I generally pull in 30% for targeted emails, and 1% for untargeted emails, simply because 1 product of mine comes with 3 generic services everyone wants (some just rather do it themselves THUS a low conversion rate). Typically, you want to generate as many emails as you can scrape, so your return is much higher for less costs. The only problem is, if they haven't signed up to recieve your newsletter, chances are your mail rate is going to plummet sharply. I simply would rather go CPA and let them lead gen or sale commission than scraping BUT sometimes we cant afford that method.