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how to Get High CPC For you website

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by kumarpavan66, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. kumarpavan66

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    Jan 24, 2012
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    Adsense will pay low cpc for small websites and high cpc for big websites with good traffic .

    Follow this method to get High CPC from adsense to your Website

    Buy a new domain in your Niche (godaddy recommended)

    Ex: if your niche id weight loss and your website is weightloss.com , buy a new domain similar to this like weightlosss.com

    After new domain activation , go to godaddy and Apply for CashParking it costs you 4$

    After activation go to Cashparking page and click on Add domain after successfully adding of your new domain click on domain name a page will popup like this
    Untick the use optimized keywords option on the top right side

    select a template related to your niche

    Go to Keywords tab and add your niche keywords


    Click on save , your website will be loaded with ads in few hours

    Now come to your Original domain

    put some extenal links in your posts and redirect to your carparking domain ( like adding links to main keywords in posts and redirecting them to cashparking domain)

    select good images of your niche and edit them and add in the posts , add href link to image and redirect to cashparking domain

    If some one clicks on the images it will redirect to cashparking domains and there they will find lot of Ads related to the Niche.

    Earning of my site: 3.png

    Thats it guys Enjoy

    Other sites with good Cpc for cashparking Sedo,1and1

    sedo is free

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  2. Shadexpwn

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    Could be a good alternative to MyLikes.

    Don't worry with Godaddy policy, they rarely... If not at all ban you because of how lenient their parking system is.

    Those stats are amazing and a terrific option to in-text link solutions.