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How to get feedback easily for a new eBay account.

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Duffers5000, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Duffers5000

    Duffers5000 Elite Member

    Apr 1, 2012
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    I've noticed a few times in the last few weeks, people asking how to get positive feedback for their new account.

    The solution offered is usually "add me on skype" or "you can buy five feedback on Fiverr". Both of these ways are ineffiecient to me, I dont want to be wasting time talking to strangers on Skype and I'm not buying crap off some Fiverr feedback farm.

    My solution.........Buy lots of cheap stuff.

    Let me show you how to buy lots of cheap stuff.

    Use very broad keywords.

    Lets try


    Use these Keywords in "all categories" each one will return 2-3 million listings.

    Next..Select "Ending soonest"

    Filter..."Auction only"

    Filter...."Price......0 to 0.20" In this example I'm using 20p. You can use 0.02p and still get results or 0.50 and get lots. Depending on the category

    Filter..."Free P & P"

    You will now have a bunch of listings, mostly from China/HK that are selling for under 20p or less including postage.

    The categories I have listed are only examples and you can use ones that suit you better. For example I buy most of the really cheap 1-2p stuff in "fashion" or "latest"...which is usually hair bobbles or charm bracelets. I buy stuff in "motoring" that I might actually use like polishing cloths or led bulbs hence I break the bank and give up to 50p. I have bought hundreds of watches and costume jewellery for 35-50p.

    25%-30% of these sellers will give you positive feedback immediately once you checkout.

    60%-70% of these sellers will give you positive feedback once you leave them positive feedback.

    I give everyone positive feedback after 24hrs. In two years I would have had less than 2% of parcels that didnt arrive despite the fact they didnt really need to send it (just to let you know)

    The rest give feedback within a few weeks. You could send an email requesting feedback if you wanted but I buy so much stuff I dont bother with that.

    Dont buy multiple items from the same seller.....you will only get 1 feedback. Theres thousands of sellers out there so mooch around the categories.

    eBay will restrict you to 5 bids at a time on auctions with a new account. So dont bid on stuff thats ending tomorrow. save a tonne of stuff to your watchlist and bid en masse when its ending.

    People will say its shitty looking feedback and if a buyer looks through your feedback they will see you are buying tat. Thats true until 90 days have passed when that feedback becomes homogenous and the product you bought is no longer available to be viewed. By which stage the feedback for the 1p guitar pick I bought looks as good on my account as the £20,000 Mercedes I sold.

    So basically if you are thinking ahead and know that you will be starting a dropshipping operation or similiar in the future and would rather have a legit looking account or two or five then you can get 50+ feedback for $10-$15(£7-£12)

    Bonus pro: you get a load of cheap tat in the post everyday. Give it to your kids/nephews/nieces and be cool dad or uncle. (not random kids on the street unless you want to be on a list)

    Hope that helps somebody.
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    your 6 o'clock
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    Oct 11, 2012
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    shitty method sorry
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    Thats your last mistake.