How to get exposure to your blog post?

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    Sep 27, 2013
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    Hello everyone,
    I was reading about getting blog posts exposure. Yesterday, I saw that image. Author of that blog promising that if your guest post on his blog, your post will be posted around that sites:

    What I do:
    -automatically post "New Post Notifications" to twitter and facebook via Plugin
    -pin post image - manual
    -stumble my new post page - manual

    Here are questions:
    1. What he posts here? I am asking that because we all know that spinned content dont work, NON unique content dont work...So what can be else automatically posted on blogger,, thumblr... as your blog post?
    2. How to get followers where it is can be done? (Thublr...?) Some follower bots around?
    3. Is there any proven tool/plugin which can done this automatically, because this author mention that this is all automations proccess (of course, he not are not spending hours because he posts a lot of articles daily)?
    4. Is there any document sharing websites automation tool?