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    When it comes to link building, one could never have enough unique and well-written content. However, how many times can you really rewrite one articles yourself and still create new unique versions of it? 2 times? 3 times? Well, whatever is your answer to this question, I'm sure it's not enough. So what can you do? Use a cheap article writing service? Well, I tried that, you tried that, and we both know that good content doesn't come cheap or does it?

    What I've found from my experience with buying articles is that established writers who sell their content for cheap, don't really do a great job. They have a ton of orders, and as a lot of people cannot tell a difference between a truly unique and well-written article and some poorly spun article that barely passes Copyscape, they still get a ton of orders and only lower the quality of their work as time goes on. That, though, does not mean that you cannot get good content at a relatively cheap price, because you can. What I suggest you to do is order your articles from writers on Fiverr who have just started to write for peanuts on Fiverr and have a lot to prove. Most of them offer to write up to 600 or so words for $5.

    What Else Would I Recommend?

    If you are building backlinks and need a lot of unique content, use a number of different writers. That way the style of each article is completely different.

    Only use native English writers.

    Preferably go with female authors. From my experience with different writers, I've found that female writers are a lot better than those from the opposite sex.

    Have your own stupid easy money Fiverr gig so you can use your earnings to pay for the articles.

    Hopefully I posted this in the right subforum, if not, whoever has the power to move threads is more than welcome to move this thread to a more suitable subforum.
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    the best place i think are the gigs forums.