How to get around Bing Verification?

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    May 10, 2015
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    Title. In the past few days, I used new cards, a new VPS, with new proxies on those VPS's. I made a total of 15 accounts (12/9), I noticed that only 8 survived the "initial set of bans" or whatever. Of these 8 accounts, they all had impresisons/clicks yesterday(12/12).. Assuming they all passed whatever review, today (12/13) I noticed that my 8 accounts flagged (or had that "we cannot log you in error"). I contacted live support, was told the account needed to be validated.

    I'm testing the domain / host ip thing, so I used 100% completely scrapped URLs. So these were all existing, websites out there on the net. I'm starting to feel like Bing is far more complex than say google. Anyone have a bing/mastermind type skype group? I'm doing 5-10 acc created a day, but keep getting several, several problems...
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