How to get AMAZON affiliate account approved?

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    Hi everyone,

    I am just starting internet marketing and I chose amazon affiliate (niche site) to start.

    Can anyone kindly guide me the tips and attention on applying the account. I bought a domain and outsourced contents (~8 articles) on clothes

    I applied two times and Amazon refused all.

    Reason is Unsuitable sites according to their Operating agreement.

    This is the detail information of my case

    1. At first I thought it was because that I put the exact price on my niche site and I removed it but it was still not approved
    2. All the images are credited by pointing (Source:...)
    3. I heard that I should not point out the traffic source of Paid traffic, is that right? I will try it in next application.
    4. There is no ads on my site, so amazon will be the only monetization method
    5. The domain name is EMD with the products only, nothing like amazon's trademarks.
    6. The payee is my real address (an asian country), does it matter?

    If anyone here had the same problem or had any experience, please kindly advise me.

    THank you very much and best regards