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    I don't know if this has been brought up before, something I figured out but I am sure many of you have before. 2 things that have been helping me out this week:

    1- Find another "fake" profile with similar amount of friends. Check mutual friends to make sure they aren't using the same tactics to get the same friends you are. Then, send them a message asking if they would like to do an 'in a relationship with' trade so that your profile will be on their info (and wall post) and vice versa. This works great if you can do it with yourself, if you have 2 profiles that do not share a lot of friends. I have seen a very nice increase within 24 hrs with a few 2-4k friend profiles, and I see soooo many big fake profiles that are still single.

    2- This happened by accident, I tested it out and worked for me, but not worth my time. I hope that some of you who are struggling to make $$$ can use this. I commented on another attractive girls wall with my attractive profile, after one thing led to another, there was a fiery little relationship building up that both her and my guy friends were highly intrigued by. I contacted the other profile and figured we would let it roll then give the boys what they want. Set up a site with an offer to complete then posted link for the boys to fill out, nice profit for little work. I have tried this a few times since, and have even had nice profit from just setting up a paypal donation button and was also sent 'gifts' (which paypal does not take as much % out for).

    Hopefully this helps you guys out. I haven't posted any of my big money making methods yet due to time mainly, but I will give you some nice info before spring, promise!
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