How to get a basic understanding of SEO?

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by roccoobertinoo, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I've spent about $400 on SEO the past month or so, yet I have no idea what the person who I paid is doing.
    I am curious to learn more about it and how it works. I would love to do my own SEO or possibly even start up an SEO business.
    What I know right now is that when I pay someone to do SEO I assume that they post my website like on websites?
    If anyone could link me or help me understand it more I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Just reading around this forum has taught me way more than any other source, there are some very knowledgeable people on here.
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    Hey, that's one of my old threads. :)

    Actually I wrote another even more basic guide as well. Both of them explain the concepts and principles of what SEO is about. Even though the posts are a few years old now, the information in those threads is about the foundation of SEO and so most of it is still relevant and probably always will be.

    So, here you go roccoobertinoo.

    Go read the original post in both these threads and you'll have a pretty good idea of what SEO is all about. If you feel like skimming through the pages of reply posts you'll find some good additional tidbits explaining more.
    SEO - Understanding the Simulation
    Basic SEO practices for newbies:

    After reading those two threads go to the White Hat SEO forum and then the Black Hat SEO forum and read the sticky threads (The ones marked "Please Read" in green) and that will give you an even better understanding of what the goal of SEO is and the ways of accomplishing it. Then start looking through the other posts in those forums to learn what other people are doing to accomplish their SEO goals.

    Also click on the Main Forum link in the navigation menu bar and look through the other White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO forums like Link Building, Copywriting & Sales Persuasion, , Local SEO, Black Hat SEO Tools, Blogging, Social Networking Sites, etc.

    Do the same thing with all of those forums;
    start with the sticky threads first and then move on to the other posts in each forum.

    There's a lot of very useful information posted across thousands and thousands of threads on the BHW Forum. Approaching it with the reading plan I just layed out should make it easier for you to target the information you're wanting to learn in a progressive way that the knowledge should build on itself as you continue reading.

    SEO is a pretty easy concept to grasp, and what needs to be done isn't that difficult to understand. The problem is that everyone with a website wants theirs to turn up at the top of the SERPS, so successfully accomplishing everything needed isn't always a quick and easy undertaking.

    :ranger: Hope that helps.
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