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    Alright guys I was reading and researching on how to improve the traffic I'm getting. About 2 weeks ago I was only having about 5 people a day look at my blog. Well that all changed after I starting doing this!

    1. Find long tailed keywords that target your niche. Try to find one that has between 1,000 to 1,500 searches a month.
    2. Look at the competition of the keywords if its 50 or below it is GOLDEN!
    3. Write about a 300 to 500 article on your niche. Include the exact keyword phrase in the title and about twice more in the article itself.
    4. I do this about 5-10 times a week and I track the articles to see which one is getting the most clicks and views (after about 2 weeks) then I just copy the same formula u could say for all the next articles.
    So basically guys you are just copying success everytime and getting tons of viewers while doing it! It is one of the simplest ways of driving in traffic to your website/blog. Also if you find this useful just go and hit the thanks button. :D Hope this helps!
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