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How to funnel BH traffic

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Yatwice, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Yatwice

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    Jan 24, 2009
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    Warning: Adult Marketing Only

    Per campaign I earn $2000-$4000+, each campaign really only costs me around $400 and a bit of my time, .. This is how!...

    Today I am going to introduce a source of income I've had for many years.

    The Nitty Gitty:
    Most people in this affiliate world have 1 affiliate account on several networks, Me on the other hand I have several affiliate accounts on a very select group of CPA networks.. One of which examining the following photo's uploaded I'm sure you will figure out. For now lets just call them AFF :D Now I really want you to keep an open mind and try to think outside the box here, I have read endless bad reviews about AFF and personally I have lost maybe 6-10 thousand in banned frozen accounts, none of which however has not been complete profit! So please keep the blinders off and understand:

    "just because you've been banned doesn't mean you have to leave" :D

    Ever hear of Proxy servers? I'm not going to get into proxy servers today but this is something most BHers should by now know and is a must if you wanna take it large scale. And BTW if your just getting started up and not sending email spam or doing something to raise some flags, getting banned is slim to none and even if you do, call the affiliate Manager and get unbanned just say you didnt know, if you speak nice to them they will treat you right. This really applies to most reputable networks :D

    I also like to use P^$$#Cash dot com they pay decent as well.

    Now today I'm going to give an example of 1/16 campaigns I have launched. I invested just over $400 dollars in paid advertisement and created what I like to call a AM Happy Traffic source.

    Investment $400 + a little time / to-date banked payout $3815

    From the example above you will notice right around the recession period I hit my top sales, goes to show right? Now you will notice income on this campaign is dropping and it should drop 1-50 monthly unqiues for the next few years about 1 year after you originally launched the campaign. After 2-3 months you should have your money back and 4-8 months you should be laughing :D and anything after that is a bonus!!!

    Below is an image of an ending campaign converting sales at about 1:2

    Step 1: Sign up with a high paying adult webcam or adult dating site..

    Step 2: Your going to be creating a basic index page that should look like your a marketing company so keep that in mind and register a domain...

    Step 3: Design a basic introduction index page should look nice and professional. Your trying to prosent that your a marketing company and that and add popular adult related websites you may own and/or sell traffic for. ( steps 2 and 3 really are not necessary needed but you should consider it for your own reputation )

    Step 4: Your going to take your affiliate link and using your DNS set a subdomain to redirect to your affiliate link..eg flow.yourdomain.com :)cool: - u just made your traffic controller )

    Step 5: Now step 5... Step 5 really does vary person to person...Your targeting 1 thing and thats ADULTS! Right abunch of articles, create blogs, do whatever it is you can to generate atleast 10-30 daily uniques and preferably North America origin.

    Step 6: now create another subdomain and call it whatever you want eg.. lol.yourdomain.com and redirect it to flow.yourdomain.com

    All Blackhat methods and traffic should go to lol.yourdomain.com which then gets put in your traffic stream ( :D )

    Good Traffic ( Step 5 ) + BH sales techniques then filtered together into the same source from a Marketing company = Happy AM, no red flags

    As for my investment of $400...I use adwords and set it at 2.5 daily per campaign, this traffic doesnt go though flow.yourdomain.com, it goes directly to your affiliate link so they can see that you mean business...

    Feel free to contact me via PM if you require any of my recommended affiliate links :D

    By Yatwice
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