How to focus your subconscious on success

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    Hey guys!

    A few days ago I read this awesome article and wanted to share it with you.
    It's a long one but IMO it's worth to read it.

    Why All Those "Positive Thinking" Products Don't Work
    And How To Use The One Key To Skyrocket To Success!

    "There's a battle raging inside your mind...and no one can stop it!"

    It seemed that years and years of hardship, stress, worry, and fear were behind me. And... years more of the same lay ahead of me.

    All the while, I was desperately searching for the answers, devouring every success, money, and mindpower book I could get my hands on. I bought every course and tape set I could afford, went to as many seminars as time and budget could permit.

    Many of them made a lot of sense and offered great advice. But, none of them helped me.

    I looked around and I saw others doing the same thing, getting the same results. None of the materials on success and money seemed to bring about the reality we were so desperately after. We were still not successful, we were still not wealthy, we were still not...happy.
    I'm sure you've heard or read somewhere that our thoughts and beliefs influence our reality and experience; That, negative thoughts create negative outcomes and positive thoughts create positive outcomes. Just about every book on success and mindpower that you read promotes "positive thinking."

    And yet, it seems over 95% percent of the population is still living paycheck to paycheck, just barely getting by.

    After years and years of struggle and frustration, it was finally revealed to me that...

    "There's a battle raging inside your mind...and no one can stop it!" It's been going on for years, and there's only one way to put an end to it...before it's too late!"

    It seemed that there were two of me: one who desperately wanted success, money, and happiness...and the other who was willing to fight to death to stop me from getting it!

    It didn't matter how many books I read or how many techniques and strategies I tried. Nothing was working. That other part of me was winning the battle.

    Fortunately, I kept on going. I kept on reading everything I could on mindpower and success. And finally, I found the answer.

    What I will share with you may seem simple. But, I must warn you, it took me over a decade to finally figure it out so please don't dismiss it. Because this is it...this is the key to making everything else work!

    You see, all those success and money books had great information in them, information that could help people reach their goals. So, why weren't more people successful and rich and happy?

    Because, as I read them, they made perfect sense. But only on a "conscious" level of my mind. After going over many of the success materials, I would get an unbelievable high. I was ready to take on the world! I was charged up to go after my dreams and make them a reality.

    That feeling lasted for about 2 days. After that, I was back to doing what I used to do. Back to the old thoughts, habits, and beliefs.

    And that made perfect sense too - after I figured out how the mind worked.

    My 'old self' crept back in. It didn't want to change! It was comfortable with the way things were, even though I wasn't living the life I wanted.

    In order to make the change permanent, I had to get to the "subconscious" mind - the part of our minds where all our habits, assumptions and beliefs reside!

    And I found a way to do it. By Repetition!

    That's the key to success: Consistency!

    The key to permanent change is to consistently feed your mind with those positive thoughts, positive ideas, and beliefs until your subconscious mind gets it!

    I'm sorry if you're disappointed that I didn't reveal something you didn't already know.

    See...I thought I knew it too! Yet, I wasn't using it. And I wasn't getting anywhere.

    The way to change your beliefs and habits is to consistently and consciously keep your mind focused on the positive, on what you want instead of what falls in it's path randomly.

    Habits are formed after 21 consistent repetitions.

    By focusing on something or doing something consistently, your subconscious mind begins to pay attention. It begins to get the message that what you're doing is infact important, that it has merit, that it is true.

    Because it's not enough to get the information only on a conscious level.

    It has to be fed to your mind until your subconscious mind begins to 'believe' that it's true! And that's when you life begins to change radically!

    Just as a magnifying lens focuses and intensifies sunlight into a powerful laser that burns a hole through paper if held in place long enough, so can your positive thoughts burn through any barrier and negative attitude if you keep the focus on the positive - consistently.

    Every single day that you wake up can pose a challenge for you. Because there's a lot of negativity floating around you. People telling you that it can't be done, the news focusing mostly on the negative, the daily events that cause you to get upset or angry or depressed. And let's not forget the fact that there's a part of you that simply doesn't want to change!

    It's a constant battle. And that's why so many give up.

    But now we know how to beat it! We know that by consistently holding our thought and focus on what we choose, we can burn a hole through anything that gets in the way! The trick is to hold that focus in place long enough for it to work, long enough for your subconscious mind to get it!

    Try it out for the next 30 days and prove it to yourself!

    Design a master plan for your mind.

    From the moment you wake up, consciously shift your focus towards your goals, towards the positive. Make a list of steps to follow, if you have to!

    From the moment you wake up till the end of the day, focus to...

    Gratitude: Remind yourself of how much you already have! Your family, your friends, your health, your intellect, the entire knowledgebase of the Internet right at your fingertips! Gratitude can do wonders for your life. It trains your subconscious to focus on abundance instead of scarcity.

    Inspire: Make it a daily habit to read or listen to something positive or inspirational. Grab a book or tape of your favorite success coach and keep it with you. Listen to it regularly. Keep that high going! Remember, consistent focus is what makes the change!

    Give: Ask yourself how you can give to others today. The quickest way to become wealthy is to help others reach their goals! Ask yourself what it is that you enjoy giving to others. Just look back at what you've done in the past and you'll find the answer.

    Learn: Ask yourself what new things you can learn today. Make it your mission to really notice what's going on around you. Pay attention. Look at how things work around you. Learn! Among those things and events happening around you are opportunities!

    Act: Most importantly, take action towards your goals. Figure out what additional steps you can take today that will get you closer towards your goals. And then, do them!

    Laugh Out Loud: I spend at least 30 minutes, every single day, watching one of my favorite comedy shows. Trust me, it is powerful stuff! When you get a good laugh, your body and mind relaxes, it lightens the load of your day. Your body and mind functions best when they're relaxed. That's when ideas and opportunities come rushing in!

    Refocus: Realize before you start your day that there will be people, things, and events during the day that may throw you off the tracks. Remember, that these little hurdles are only temporary. Don't let them ruin your day. Quickly jump back on track and resume your focus on what it is that you've chosen to focus on. Don't let other people or other things determine your focus. You are in charge of it! It is your choice.

    If it seems like too much work to keep yourself focused on the positive and productive, just ask yourself one question...

    "How much will I miss out on in life if I don't choose my focus consistently?"

    Seriously. Is it worth spending a few minutes of your day so you can reach your success and wealth goals? Is it worth spending 5 to 15 minutes of your time to start the day right by consciously deciding what you will focus on all day? Is it worth spending a few minutes occasionally during the course of the day on readjusting your focus so that you can enjoy the kind of life you dream of?

    Is it worth doing this for 30 days if there's even the slightest chance that doing so could transform your life beyond belief?

    You have the key in your hand now.. the powerful understanding that over 95% of the population are missing. In order to get your subconscious mind to grasp success and wealth, you simply have to focus your thoughts on them consistently, until the change happens!

    Until the negative part of you finally gives up and quits. Until your subconscious mind makes the shift and begins to change your whole life, for the better!

    If you're not doing it consistently, every single day until your subconscious mind grasps it, then nothing changes.

    Make it your mission to follow the ideas in this report for at least the next 30 days. Your very life depends on it.

    A conscious commitment is required. But, isn't it worth what you'll get in return.

    I'll tell you right now...your old self will come up with excuses to not do it. It will think of creative ways to procrastinate and find reasons to not do it consistently.

    But, you know how to beat it now. By consistency.

    Read this report more than once. In fact, read it as many times as is needed! Read it every morning for the next 30 days if you have to.

    The very fact that you've read it once tells me that you're not a part of the other 95% who won't do anything with the information they learn.

    Is it worth spending 5 to 15 minutes of your time to start your day right, so you can create the kind of life that you desire? Is it worth doing for the next 30 days? Is it worth doing for the rest of your life, so you can start every single day with a sense of purpose, desire and the sense that anything is possible?

    I leave that decision up to you.
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    Wow this thread should have more "Thanks", anyways thanks a thousand times for sharing this!
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    Yes repetition is super important. But i think many people miss a big part of attraction (i dont like the term positive thinking because it belongs to your conscious realm, not subconscious, the subconscious doesnt think, it feels). That part is ACTION. First you think of what you want, which opens your mind up to actions that can be taken to get what you want.