How to: Finding Best Video Affiliates

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    OK guys, so i started a thread yesterday asking for everyones help here to get good video affiliates that pay per view. I already found 2 good ones

    But thats not enough to have a good website with enough mirrors. If you disagree with that then video may not be your thing anyway :D I found a really good way to track down some more paying video affiliates but there is no way for me to scrape all of them on my own so im shouting out to all others in my boat.

    1. please visit sidereel/com and look for videos (either in your niche or randomly)
    2. Click on the "search links" button related to the show u selected
    3. Find all the links to the third part websites
    4. Dig on the third part sites for what video host they are using.
    5. come back here and post or PM me what thos video sites are and dont forget to show appreciation :)
    6. Then post your own links on sidereel as well and push traffic to your sites.

    I hope this is helpful to everyone. If you got good info from this, please show ur appreciation (thanks) ;)

    Lets get this thread going and make all of the Vid guys some moneys!! Id request a sticky but who knows what validity the info i just provided really holds.
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