[HOW TO] Find untapped Twitter niche

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    If you're using Twitter to promote CPA offers or even your own products. You may have seen that verifying if a niche is untapped or not can be hard ... and easy.
    Of course when you search your keywords on twitter, you will see if a spammer is posting tons of links but ... even if you don't see anyone spamming, that doesn't mean that the niche is untapped.
    A typical spammer blueprint is "someone talk about ProductX => I reply with an affiliate link".
    If the spammer is not mentionning the keyword in his replies, you won't see him with the method above. So check the first user who posted a "clean" tweet with no link/reply/hastag in it. And in the search field type : "@pseudo". Then if a spammer is working on these keywords, you should see his replies !

    It probably seems obvious but beginners could appreciate this information ;)