How to find Keywords for a website

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    ok guys, i've learnt a lot of BHW... but had no success.. i blame my self completely for it.... i know i gotta put in a lot of quality time... mostly i end up reading stuff without doing anyhting

    ok guys, enuff of the crap.... basic stuff.. whats the best way to find keywords that a website is targetting... do we have any tools at BHW here to help us do that... or is that we just use google keywords for the same...

    Appreciate what everyone is doing here... hopefully I'll be able to give some of my GURU gyaan some day....
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    Go to Google Keyword Tool:
    Underneath on the left where it says "How would you like to generate keyword ideas?"

    Click the dot next to "Website content"

    Then on the right type/paste in the domain name of the site that you want to find the keywords they are targetting.

    Fill captcha and click "Get Keywords"

    You will be presented with a list of keywords that Google thinks are relevent to the website. Hope this helps ya.
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