How to fight Yellow Pages

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    Where I live, Yellow Pages is dominating the business of selling Websites. People tend to sign with them because other than a website, they can also have their name in the Yellow Pages book, which costs less if you make a website with them.

    For the Websites, they offer 2 packages:

    1. Crap sites, I mean really crap, I and a lot of people here wouldn't pay 20$ for them. Price depends, but usually it's 1k? for every year, including their name in the Yellow Pages book.
    Without taxes. These sites looks all the same, I saw a lot of businesses in only one area having IDENTICAL websites, only the logo changes.
    No SEO, no responsive, NOTHING.

    2. Little bit better sites. For these sites, they charge a lot, can't find a real price anywhere, but I found out that one of their clients pay 4k? EVERY YEAR, for the site + a banner on the Yellow Pages book.
    These sites are nothing special, just basic stuff. Who buys this sites, have a high rank on the Yellow Pages' web site. Again, no SEO, no responsive, NOTHING.

    What can I do in this situation?
    They have trained agents, they sold 100k sites in one year. Even to very very small businesses.
    Every time I call some business owner that doesn't have a site, they already refused Yellow Pages offer, so obviously they don't even listen to me.

    I want to offer them nice Websites, with a little bit of SEO and with a mobile design! Their sites are not even optimized for mobile..
    But they already have contracts with Yellow Pages and if they cancel the contract, their banner wouldn't be ranked high anymore in Yellow Pages' web site.

    Crazy stuff, offline business is really though.
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    It sounds like you know what yellow pages lacks, and why that would be bad for a potential client. I would try to work up a 30 second pitch that would emphasize the reasons someone would want what they're not getting from the competitor.

    What can you offer these people that others aren't? Why do they care?

    Who the hell wants to advertise in the yellow pages anymore? I can't remember the last time I actively looked for the new book. They usually get left on the doorstep and I throw them in the recycling immediately.

    Are you just offering web design services, or are you offering seo? If you're offering seo, maybe rank a site in a particular niche, and then approach the businesses in that area to advertise on there or even sell the site to them with a contract with your seo services for a certain period of time.