How To Earn With Youtube?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by KamaStep, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Hi, I'm new in this forum and I really enjoying to read all you posts. I want to earn with my youtube accounts and I'm using two program to increase views and subscribeers (U2bviews and SYV). I want to become a YT partner and earn with ads on videos but I don't know how can I become member easily. Can anyone explain me how to do and what I need to become a partner and earn something or other ways to earn with youtube.
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    Upload one video on youtbe, get invited, accept the inviation. they invite everyone now.
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    Go to YouTube front page and look up commentators with 1M subs or more. Learn how they present themselves then go watch videos of people making fun of them. Now go to Google and search for them. Find out the pattern of the type of sites that are promoting them and then YOU go find a way to get on sites similar or like them. Also, you will need to start trying to rank videos for searches on YouTube search.

    Some Advice
    Learn how to act
    Learn how to speak
    Learn how to create awesome video and audio edits
    You will need custom music that is "popular" with the "jocks and in crowd" or you can target the "loners" style music
    You will need to make your videos satisfying and appealing
    You will need to use psychology on a specific target viewer
    You will need to be able to create awesome content (machinima for games, great commentary with sarcasm, etc.)
    You will also need to be able to help others, play with the community, and spend money on gifts, prizes, and contests in order to spread your channel

    You will need to learn and adapt to your audience, but NEVER always give them what they want. ALWAYS over deliver on content, and try to make yourself addicting. Some paid advertisements on YouTube searching and Google will help you. A website, a few review sites, some Google news press releases, and some popular blogging sites will add to your online presence. Facebook campaigns, and other sites that are within your niche will help.

    Repetition and content are king. The more quality you provide the press and the more often you release it, the more people will "expose" you to other people.

    Make parodies of things people saw that went viral on YouTube, and make them funny and well done. Oh god, most of this stuff actually requires money and work. CAN'T I DO IT FREE? 99% of the fail of YouTube is free, good luck fitting in there. Can't you offer more specific advice? Wanna me to hold your hand while you pee to?