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    This is my first share here :)

    I will show you a method that you can use in order to draw more attention in the SERPs.

    1st: Get your homepage + subpage to rank for the same keyword
    What I have done here is that I ranked for a good keyword with my homepage. Then I made another page with this keyword, optimized it and built some backlinks on it.

    For example ranks for "dog food" then you will create a subpage named

    This way I will have a double ranking (my homepage + a subpage). The good thing is that if you pages rank one after the other (for example rank#2 and rank#3) then one of your pages will be indented a bit. This draws attention to the users because there is some white space so the users want to see what the hell that is.

    The best part is that once you rank with your homepage you don't need that many backlinks with your subpage. The subpage will increase in rankings pretty fast.

    2nd: Page description
    Look at my description of the homepage. It has 2 lines. I have removed the first link because I don't want to share my url here.; The second line contains only this text "(screenshot available)"

    This also draws a lot of attention because it start with an unusual character "(" and not with a letter. Another important thing is that it is short. This means that there is a lot of white space after it.

    You can also use something like this:

    blablablablablablabla blablablablablabla

    So the second line is only ">>>>>".
    Just try it on your sites and see the results. Say thanks if you like.
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    I like this. I'd never thought about the extra space that getting a subpage ranked gets you.