How to Double Meta Refresh with Pretty Link WP Plugin?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by JuicyBlack, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Anyone knows of a way I can integrate or work out a double-meta-refresh in wordpress?

    I am using the "pretty link" WP Plugin to cloak my affiliate links because I can easily keep track of the click activity on my links and if something goes wrong with one of my offers I can easily change all the links site-wide from one place (HUGE Advantage)

    HOWEVER, I need to find a way to completely hide the traffic source since I don't want my network to know which keywords I am targeting to send sales... u know what they say ... "never reveal your money making keywords!!!!"

    I was checking out CPA Redirector but that one "fakes" the source .. kinda like if you wanted to send some BH traffic and make it seem like the traffic came from a WH blog post.

    I see that they also have a "meta refresh" choice but I don't know if that particular option will do the double meta refresh thing any ideas??