How to do Site Data extraction?

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    Does anyone know how to extract all product information off of an entire site into a csv file?

    So I've been building up a site that has a very large lineup of products. One of our supplies has a HUGE list of products and I've tried contacting them to see if i could get a csv file with all the products, item numbers, descriptions, etc in a single file so i can import them into my site, but they have not been answers emails so i'm looking at going at this from another angle.

    I've read quite a bit about Web Data Extraction and Web Scraping and i was trying to find a way to use some type of application to grab all the products, with their id number and description, and price.

    I've guessed that i can use google or scrapb0x to find all the pages that have products on it.

    Now comes the hard part, I need to extract all the information i want out of the site.

    The site i'm trying to extract all the products from is shopezgo

    I want to capture :
    - the product title
    - the item number
    - the description:
    - the price:
    - the additional information description
    - product category

    I've looked at a few tools to accomplish this..

    -WebHarvest (no documentation, and not easy to use at all)
    - Web Content Extractor (costs money and trying to do this with no budget)

    I've only got like 100 max i could spend, but if possible use a h4cked or cr4cked version of a software would be fine as well.

    anyone done something like this before or have any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    Send me the $100 I'll write an app for you.