How to do I get back links?

By buying links (see services section of this forum)

Or by using tools which will create them for you.

You need to understand SEO very well before starting link building, so use the next few months reading and learning (see the blackhat SEO section for info)

Also check out the downloads section for free ebooks and courses which will teach you. Give yourself 6 months before expecting to make any kind of progress.
go here: httpx:// (remove x form url)

you have 1000 forum backlinks for free
This is forum is all about backlinks and SEO, do a lil forum search and you will find 23123213 number of threads :)
Laziest question ever... Take a second and research for yourself.
Being lazy is not an excuse for being uneducated.
If I've had a site for several months and am now deciding to go the clickbank route, could I still get back links and place them on a squeeze page that I intend turning the domain into?
Ask them to follow you.

Or you could use Lvl 72 Backlink spell to get some big backlinks to your site. this works everytime. But you will need to find good wand for this, regular wands arent good for this.

But seriously, READ forum.
Spread up your links everywhere on internet. As you have asked this question on forum so I am sure that you know very well how to get backlinks from forum signature link, right? Beside participating on BHW try to participate on those forums where you can use signature links for free.
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