How to determine the keywords that other affs are using

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by epilot, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Hello guys,

    As a ClickBank affiliate I have more than 150 different YT videos promoting different CB products. I am making around $300 to $400 each day using this method (I have found a method to rank the videos in YT).
    The problem is that only 20-24 of those videos convert very well.
    The main problem for the rest videos is improper keywords used in the title of the videos. In other words the videos are up for the Keywords that are not sale keywords!

    To solve this problem I decided to find the keywords that other affiliates are using in different places to promote the vendor's products. This way I can choice the best ones and replace them with the title of the videos that don't convert.

    The question: Please do you think that and are the best options/tools for me to find the best keywords that other affiliates are using or you have better suggestions please?
    I don't mind if I need to pay for the platform/software/method.

    Thank you so much for any help:)
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    There are a few softwares on the market that claim to be able to do what you are looking for. I own one but never used it as I kind of got sidetracked from video marketing before I could learn what it does. You can check out the "Blaster" suite. One of them is supposed to do that kind of thing. Also I think that Cyril Jeet of the videojeet fame has a software that does that kind of work but I have never used it myself.

    What kind of videos do you use for your clickbank marketing?