How to decided how to monetize a site?

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    I'm pretty new to IM, and I do hope this is the right forum to post this.

    I'm planning to build a niche site for a few keywords which I think can get a good amount of traffic.

    But I dunno how I should monetize it (adsense, amazon, CJ ...).

    So I wanted to ask, how do u decided how to monetize u'r sites? are there some general rules that's good for one thing better than the other?
    Is it ok to use both adsense + affiliate programs on the same site? I heard that google can ban u'r adsense account if u do that, is that true?

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    It usually depends on quality of traffic and keywords.

    If you're going to get junk traffic that will have a low CTR etc. then PPM ads may be the way forward ... similarly, if you've got high quality traffic, then you're probably better if putting PPC ads on there.

    I usually advise against content locking as it hasn't worked for me personally, but again for this you need high quality traffic.

    In some cases, zip/postcode submits etc. may not be a bad way to go, however, again, you need decent quality traffic to get the numbers through.

    In short; low quality traffic = impressions / time based ads. High quality traffic = PPC and affiliate based methods.

    (Why is this in forum feedback?)
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    Niche is a huge factor - and depending on that try adsense or amazon