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How to create multple google accounts without ban

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by hexengon, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. hexengon

    hexengon Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Sep 28, 2013
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    Does anyone have the secret to creating multiple google accounts without getting banned,

    by google accounts, I mean,

    google developer console accounts (or google adsense accounts)


    anyways, I wanted to make multiple google developer console accounts, I used VMWare Workstation to create
    a new virtual machine on my computer, made a fresh install of Windows XP on the virtual machine, then I installed
    PUREVPN to give me a new IP address to connect to, then I went to create my google developer console using a new
    google account, but after a few days, my account got banned,

    does anyone have any idea how they found me out or any other ways for them to not find me out thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.