How to create a web design portfolio with no client experience (The easy way)

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    Hey everyone Jay back again with some more information about the whole "Web Design" business thing and kind of a follow up to my last thread about the same subject. Now this isn't really a guide on how to make money with this so forgive me for creating the thread under this section. (Mods you may move the thread to its appropriate home)

    We all know that you cannot get web design clients without a portfolio, and we all know we can't get a portfolio without web design what the fuck right?

    For awhile I been reading and seeing that a lot of people suggest to budding web designers to create their own projects to work on so they can have examples to show in their portfolio. In other words come up with a fictional company or business that needs a website and and build it simple right?

    Not so much since a lot of new designers will get stuck in the whole "Fake business creation process" which happened to me a lot when first creating my portfolio. I found myself wasting a lot of time on the small details about this fake company that needed my service and in the end time wasted is not good.

    So I found a way to make this a lot easier (easier than it already is really...) and figured out a way that you can get designs and projects to do without having to spend time creating your own fake jobs.
    So without further a is what you can do...

    Go to and use the search bar on the top right corner of the page to search for literally any domain you want. I used the keywords Florida, and Tampa since that's where I am and what makes most sense to me. What will happen is that your search will up the results for all the expired or expiring domains that contain your search keyword in it.

    Cool so you got your search results now what I do is go down the list and find domain names that are interesting or stick out for you. I tend to look at the ones that sound like they could have been businesses or legit service sites, avoid spammy looking shit...for obvious reasons. Now the key point here is to find a domain you like and click on the Wayback Machine Archive link.

    You will be directed to the Wayback Machine site and if the domain you selected has wayback information then you should see a timeline of sorts on your screen with black bars representing the days of the month a snapshot of the domain and website were taken.

    At this point I like to go back as early as 2004 but no later than 2013 and just look at the screenshots. 9 times out 10 if your searching for snapshots in the 2004-2013 time frame you will come up with a lot of screenshots of sites that look like gargoyle shit.

    Congrats you just found a legit and once existing company website that you can use to re-design and place in your portfolio. Since these sites all look super dated (hence why you look prior to 2013) they are really easy to re-design and if you know Photoshop (which you should if you want to make any money designing) it shouldn't take you too long to make it look 100% better.

    Once the site has been re-designed just save the old site screenshot and your new re-design snapshot and place them side by side on a PSD file to showcase the differences between both designs which should be obvious.

    Hopefully you guys enjoyed this and it helped some of you who may be stuck on wanting to create a portfolio but not knowing where to start, sure you can spend the time to create your own fictional companies to design for can just do the above and have more fun with it.

    Thanks for reading guys!