How to create a adult site correctly ?

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    Actually I have a site but I want to know about this more.That is the reason to make this post.
    I will tell you guys my questions and answers and you need to fill my questions with your ideas.
    1.What are the best Hosting sites for a adult site?
    2.What are the best themes for a adult site?
    3.What are the best Plugins for a adult site?
    4.What is the best way to post videos I mean uploading or embedding ?
    5.What are the best advertising sites that we can join?
    6.What are best affiliate sites that we can join?
    7.Last thing how the fuck i publish this?

    1.Godaddy for rich people
    Hostblast for people like me
    Btw Godaddy best ;)
    2.Detube theme
    Reason :- You can put too many ads and
    Easy to make ur site
    3.Mm I havent too many plugins. I just only use :- WP Super Cache
    WP Smush
    Yoast SEO
    SEO Friendly Images
    Report No Video
    No Self Pings
    BAW Post Views Count
    Jetpack by
    Is this too much?xD
    4.I heard upload will help to keep google rankings but the point is I dont need it therefore I use embed system.
    5.JuciyAds for banners and Image ads
    Popads for popads -_-
    6.I dont know either but crakrevenue is good i think soo :|
    7.Just using Whatsapp.Yes only Whatsapp.

    My site is just for my country therefore I dont need to publish like a hell because there is another site and its has more than 10000 visitors per a day and thats site just started last oct.
    However the point is I need to know ur ideas like mine.I know some them get from the google.Feel free to make new questions, edit my questions and give ur answers.For now bye bye amigos !!