How to clone a forum?

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    I have a very specific project(group of projects) that requires the assistance of experienced individuals such as yourselves. The goal and what I am wanting to do is clone an existing forum. What i mean by "clone", is to copy posts,threads, and categories/topics/forums/subforums. For example, if i create a forum in the Internet Marketing field, I would like to know how to gather posts and threads from already existing forums; in this case, I would like to get posts/threads from warrior forum and digital point ect... It is without a doubt possible, as the examples I have cited below are testimony to its efficacy.

    For the primary example,the forum es5 has a TON of duplicate/cloned posts/threads from other forums. Two of which are black-hat-world and black-hat-team(no hyphens). When you search Google for the name of a thread or post on B-H-T or B-H-W, Google will display the original post or thread on either b-h-t or b-h-w AS WELL as es5 forums. My goal is to do what es5 has obviously done and gather posts from other forums. That is my question and what I desperately need to know how to do. How can I create a forum like es5 and gather posts from other forums? Any informaion is greatly appreciated.
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    Not afraid for a dup content bann on G?
    You can try "HTTrack Website Copier". Or make your own software/script to harvest forum posts and put them into yours.