How to cloak website for Stripe (Getting banned after verification)


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Dec 15, 2021
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Hi, I created a new Stripe account recently using the same LLC and ID of another account that was previously suspended.

The account worked for 3 days and received a few legitimate payments, but after passing the ID verification (With my real ID) they sent a notification saying that "Your business doesn't meet our Terms and Conditions" and they closed the account.

Is the reason of the account suspension that they are detecting the money site that I'm redirecting to the "clean" site being used for Stripe, or have they just blacklisted my LLC and/or my personal details?

Thinking about making a new account with a new LLC + a new IP address, but still using my same ID card and name. Would this work or is the only option for me to use some friend's personal details?
all new accounts have this problem
use a aged stripe and connect it to site with API
all new accounts have this problem
use a aged stripe and connect it to site with API
He doesnt have to use an aged stripe account if he got suspended before they clearly blacklisted him. Clearly he did something that violated their terms of conditions.
Same problem I created 3 stripe accounts after getting my first one banned.
Now once customers start checking out I get business verification I submit my docs and account get closed for high risk
This is really annoying
It's easy, they capture where the payment was done.. check the website, find out its against their terms and close it.

As long as your customers will be redirected from the dark website, you will get suspended
using the same person that has blocked account ofc they will block you again ^^
You will need to use some techniques to hide your Stripe rule violating website.
Stripe Cloaked And PayPal Cloaked:
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