How to check DNSChanger Malware

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    You can check this DNSChanger Malware
    simple step:-
    go with
    click agree button.
    after agree button if it's display green means your PC is not infect with DNSChanger Malware.

    check this information

    A RED banner at the top and bottom of this page indicates your computer system appears to be using a Domain Name System (DNS) that was part of the criminal infrastructure seized during Operation GhostClick. You are encouraged to consult the following Public Safety Canada document for further information:
    A GREEN banner at the top and bottom of this page indicates your computer system uses a DNS which is not known to be associated with the criminal DNS infrastructure associated with Operation GhostClick.

    How does the checker work?
    The GREEN or RED banners are determined based on the DNS request performed by your computer in order to obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with This request is forwarded to CIRA?s DNS infrastructure by your DNS (typically provided automatically to your computer or home router by your Internet Service Provider). The IP address of your requesting DNS is compared to known Operation GhostClick IP addresses, which results in a GREEN or RED banner page.
    If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact a reputable computer professional.
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    Starting today, there is a much easier way - if you can't get to the internet and you could yesterday, you may have been infected and didn't know it.

    BUT considering that only 45,000 or so computers remained that were infected and that Google could actually see that your machine had it and would post a warning on it's page - I seriously doubt that any BHWers were directly effected. I did warn some of my relatives to check late last week though. ;)
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    Thanks for sharing helpful information.