How to change domain registrars?


Apr 12, 2011
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Recently a friend of mine(lets say Mathew) planned to start a website. Since he has a big Facebook page. So he contacted his friend(lets say John) who has a hosting and domain registering company. And then John registered the domain name of Mathew's need in his company in Mathew's email id. Then both of them fight over something( don't want to go into details of their fight) and now Mathew fears that John will do something and he will loose the domain. Need help. can John do anything that will make the domain lose to Mathew? ANd if he can what is the solution? can he change the domain registrar?
yes he can change the domain registrar.

I googled it and found out when the new registrar send a request to change it the old one can reject it. and I read somewhere else that if the registered email id is not valid anymore we should request the registrar to change it. That means the registrar have control over ownership right? If he wants he can change the email id registered now?
John can do pretty much anything with domain since it's registered with his info and in his account. Except situations like involving trademarks and personal names. Your friend's best bet would be to make up with John and ask him to transfer domain into your friend's acc. Or hack John's email. But that's illegal.
Yes, John can change anything as long as he know the login data to hosting and domain company.
My advice is ask to Mathew to change as soon as possible the username and password to login to where the domain put.
If for the first John use Mathew's email to buy domain.. I think at Mathew's email will there are data for login to hosting or register domain company.
Or Mathew can try to contact customer service two of both company then explain what the problem. Then ask them to resend all data that Mathew need again.
But, for first.. soon change the email password.. in order to John can login to Mathew's email account.
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