How to build a website's page rank?


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Oct 26, 2009
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hello everyone,

I know building a websites page rank wont get you traffic..But i am intrested in just the page rank..(Though traffic wont hurt lol).

What methods and strategies can i build a quick page rank.
(If anything that has been published here pls give ref url)

Whitehat and Blackhat...though i am more inclined towards white hat(As i am looking for long term work) but would love to know about blackhat ways too..(atleast you can point me in the right direction).

(1)If I register a new website , How long in your expert opinion will it take to get a website's page rank?
1 , 2 , 3 , 4.(Approx number of months).

(2)Forum posting , blog commenting , and other ways of link buiding ..would take ages for a website to get a page rank.(Let me know if you agree with this statement or not and why?)

(3)If any of your website has got a page rank, how long did it many links did you build...which category(rough) how much was the compeition?
(If possible share your experiences).

(4)As per my understanding , any link is a link...building links in relevent category would be more beneficial for something like this or otherway...
Research ' pr ' and ' page ranking ' in the search bar at the top of the forum here and start reading, there are countless techniques that work perfect for what you are asking. You've got to take the steps if you want to start walking.
Thanks for the heads up...been already doing that...since today morning...But i am also looking out suggestion from this community...before i start this ...I am pretty i will be paying to 10 people , who wil be working for me 7 days a week and atleast 10-12 hours a day for next 6 months...I got poeple who are willing to work at very cheap price so i will be just exploiting my resources :D
(1) depends on the speed of backlinks building - pagerank is being calculated on the fly, but the numbers in google toolbar are updated once in 3 months

(2) disagree, i pushed my clients website from 0 to pr4, all i did was intense comment backlinking (****************) for about 4 days, pr4 showed up in last pr update

(3) various from case to case, depends on type of backlinking resources (opportunities) you have at your disposal, i have compiled my own list which takes about 2-3 hours to complete (manual) - around 40 backlinks and i get pr3 on any new website (tested, guaranteed, backlinks are completely irrelevant to subject of website)

(4) this point is still undecided, ive seen sites with a couple of relevant backlinks outrank websites with hundreds of bl, but ive also seen the opposite ... how much value/power google assigns to certain backlink is heavily dependent on its algo...
Getting high page rank is as simple as having a lot of unique content on your site and having a decent amount of backlinks coming from a variety of sources.

You cant do it quick though as G only updates the public visibility once every 3 -4 months or so.
I was able to get a blog up to PR 2 in about 2 months just by posting new content (all related to the same subject, each post was about 200 - 300 words) about once a week for 2 months, with no backlinking.

I was able to get a second blog up to a PR 3 in just 2 weeks by getting 6 or 7 PR 5 - 6 backlinks (the links were on PR 5 - 6 pages, I didn't want to rely on the domain PR the way Angela's links do) without posting new content.

Both blogs were focused on micro niches, I don't know how well it would work on a high competition niche.
Backlink and use that cheap labor you got to write you up some fresh content so when Google does update you will be sitting a little higher. Good luck
You cant do it quick though as G only updates the public visibility once every 3 -4 months or so.

That isn't exactly true anymore. Sure, google doesn't update publically but every quarter on a regular basis but, you still get the credit in your results, which is proven by your kw position and ability to get indexed more quickly when your newest/latest content is posted.

I understand the slow and steady method...and it does work. However, there is an exception to every rule and this one is no different. If you set your site up and populate it BEFORE you submit/index it, you can absolutely make instant high page rank and authority.

Just ask the guys at ebay when they started out, they openned their site, advertised and marketed the site but didn't submit their domain to be indexed in google until over 3 months later, by their own admission of lacking seo experience and knowledge to put it in at the time. They made this fortunate mistake due to wanting to populate their site with auctions and traffic first before letting people see it, so it would already be functioning and running well.

Since then, many websites that pop out of the woodwork become instant overnight successes due to having killer content., for a prime example of one of such services. They populated their website to the hilt with content and then, submitted it and openned the doors.

If you have a monsterous link network and have everything in place, such as content; 100+ high quality articles, unique/new, from 3rd party directories, etc. - doesn't matter, as long as they are ' good quality ' and not ripped/stolen.

You have to keep it steady, yes...slow, not so much anymore, as the race for content is a competition and google understands that. However, longevity still plays into it when it comes from the perspective of MAINTAINING that position over time. It's like in grade school, when those unique teachers would give you an ' A ' to start with and tell you all you have to do is keep it.

Hit the ground running and have as much content in place BEFORE you submit your site, atleast your own social backlinks and a linkwheel structure. This will give you instant authority value, which is what gives you page rank in the first place.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: For pre-existing site owners outthere reading this, it will work for you too, by the way. I have clients revamp their sites all the time to meet the needs and requirements of getting them where they need to be to succeed. All you have to do is tweak your template design a little bit with a graphic upgrade and then, load your site with as much preset content and link structure as you want. Finally, resubmit the thing and google will crawl it as an updated/upgraded domain, treating it as if it were at the level of a new site in the way the spiders crawl it, only with the ' updated ' reference attaching all of your previous rank juice pushing it even further.
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From recent experience regular posting of quality content will help you in so many ways. Google usually rank pages every three months and my blog got PR5 after 1.5 months from middle of Feb to end of March.
Thanks to some tips at this forum, I, as a total beginner, have managed to achieve PR2 within 2 months (and the website was completely new Back links are probably at the top of the list.
At this forum I've found lists with high PR websites for example, where you can put yours for free. You just need to go trough all the post on that subject. Commenting on blogs helps a lot as well.
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