How to best monetize unique articles by posting them in content mills

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    Heya, guys

    Long story short:

    I am co-owner of a company providing articles writing services. And sometimes we end up with let's say few dozens articles which for some reason were written, but not sold. Like for instance when client doesn't pay, or when some new client orders and then make requests for like hundrets revisions just for the sake of it and we decide to tell him to go ''lalala'' himself.

    So every week we end up with few dozens of unused articles, which are nicely written, 100% unique - you know how the list goes on, with superlatives every content company uses to discribe it's services. But honestly - the articles are pretty decent, so we are trying ways to monetize on them. We are usually able to sell like 80-90% of those articles with a discount price in different forums. But 80-90% isn't 100%, so at the end of the day there are still some left-overs, mostly articles about very specific niches in which the competitions isn't that great, therefore the buyers for that content are limited number.

    So the question is - how to monetize those articles? Creating sites and SEO optimize them is out of question, we are good at both, we do offer such things as a service, but we don't enjoy it that much. Also we don't like to rely on Adsense incomes, mostly because at the one day you are at the top, the next day comes Animal X and guess what happens. :) I am not saying it have happened to us, but in the long-term it doesn't worth the work hours we would put in it, because there is still risk for the rankings.

    So we are thinking about uploading the articles in some content mills with revenue shares. Our reasonings - it's kind of passive income, it's also doesn't provide long-term promise of stability like Google Adsense, since the content mills also rely on Google Adsense, but at least it would be less work for us. Just submit the left-overs articles and be done with it.

    And if we find a place in which we could make 0.05$-0.10$ per article uploaded per day... that would be more than awesome. Because in half a year or so, it's adds up and makes a nice income per article. We could just sell the articles very, very cheap in mega-discount offer - yes. But we have principles. We have took our time to hire decent and in some cases - great writers. We are not going to sell the articles for luaghtable money like 1.00$ per 500 words article - because this is insulting. Better to throw them away.

    But if there is nice content mills which offers some return for your hard work - we would be more than happy to try it out. Even if it's 0.01$ per day per articles, it's still better than to sell the articles for 1.00$ to someone who thinks he could have the moon for peanuts.

    Btw we are not US company. So it would be nice if your suggestions consider this fact, because if my information is right - many content mills accept only US writers or have favorable terms for US writers.

    Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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