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    So, I was doing keyword research for some new adsense sites, and I came across a gem of niche. Perfectly suits my background, and I am completely obsessed with this niche. During keyword research, I have found over 15,000 keywords that are easy pickings and would fit beautifully into a large authority site.

    Also, this niche is going to be growing exponentially in the coming few years. If I do things right, I could set up my authority site to be the premier source of information and news about this topic.

    The Plan
    I already have over 100 unique articles that can be deployed to this site. (Finally, that college education may come in handy :p)
    10-15 pages of unique content (500-1000 words in length) added a day.
    Do a full campaign of social media. Facebook fanpage, twitter, etc etc


    Backlinking that much content is going to be extremely difficult. Since many of the topics are closely related, I am going to make full use of interlinking on my site to help spread traffic out. But I would like to opinions on how to handle the offsite linkbuilding.

    I have experience ranking MNS, but I have never done anything on this scale before. But, I think that the methods I have used on MNS could quickly become cost prohibitive.

    Those of you that run large authority websites, what kind of methods do you use to keep linkbuilding cost sustainable?

    Any suggestions? :D