How to back link a medium sized site?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by marine584, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Aug 24, 2011
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    I have built a website that is targettig the body building niche. I have targetted keywords based on search volume. Ranging from easy to rank to slightly harder.

    I have made a page targetting each specific keyword. It has on page SEO etc.

    So in total I now have 25 pages. Some pages are ranked P3 and P6 on google.

    These of course are the easy keywords. This was to drive traffic quicker etc. I have placed adsense on the site and making a little. But I dont think the search volume is sufficient to make judgements on it.

    Some of the pages have achieved a PR1 already. So I have placed a plugin that lets you interlink the pages. So hopefully the juice will be shared around the rest of the site.

    Im really at a loss on what to do next? I know I need to backlink the site. Do I back link the TLD? Or should I target specific pages?

    What would be the best strategy? I could afford to outsource this part. But doing 25 pages worth would be a little expensive.
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    I'm doing the same as you but in a different niche.
    What i'm doing is building Web 2.0's and submitting to article directories, targeting either the home page and an inner page, or two inner pages on each article, which i've outsourced at 500 words each.
    I'm then using SeNukeX to backlink those links and then blasting using Scrapebox and NoHandsSEO, which i think is a decent strategy for keywords with little competition.

    Try getting some articles and posting them around, target a couple of pages of your site on each article, then backlink those articles.
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    simply copying and pasting the same article to 1500 web 2.0's 1 page website/blog/wiki worked for me.

    seo is fun when you compete against your own sites with your own content for the same tops spots and there is no room left up top for your competition. =)

    i sure do hate it when people copy and paste my content on there websites =(