how to avoid spilling linkjuice

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    I have satelite sites linking to a money site but to avoid getting G on my tail I have to link to other sites(outside my network) aswell..whats the best approach not to spill linkjuice ie linking to other networks from the satelite sites..can i use a buffer site with 301 redirect or is there another way?
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    If you're linking to other sites to confuse your link graph and make it less obvious what you're doing, then you have to write off the link juice that you're donating to the other sites. It's just a loss that you take in order to keep your sites alive a bit longer. You compensate by having a LOT of links to your own stuff versus relatively few to other people's stuff, so you keep a greater overall proportion of link juice within your own funnel. If you nofollow the links to the other sites etc then you're defeating the purpose of linking out to other sites in the first place.

    If you have links that you don't want followed (eg affiliate links), write them with external javascripts called from a dir or domain that is blocked by robots.txt and use CPA redirector as well - it's highly unlikely that Googlebot will follow the double javascript POST.