How to AUTO Backup your Database [Daily,Weekly And Monthly]

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    1. We will need a script which will backup our db
    2. We need to set a cron job which will run this script at regular intervals.

    The script we will be using it is AutoMySQLBackup,search it on Google, it's free.

    Now what this script will do:
    Every day AutoMySQLBackup will run will dump your specified databases to the /backups/daily directory, it will rotate daily backups weekly so you should never have more than 7 backups in there..

    Every Saturday AutoMySQLBackup will again backup the databases you have chosen but they will be placed into /backups/weekly, these will be rotated every 5 weeks so there should never be more than 5 backups in there..

    Every 1st of the month AutoMySQLBackup will create a backup of all databases and place them into /backups/monthly. These will never be rotated so it will be up to you to do your own house keeping.

    I would suggest taking a copy of these DB backups offline every month or two so that if you have a hard drive failure you will be able to restore your database..

    Now the editing part, divided in two stages:

    Part 1
    1. Now after downloading AutoMySQLBackup, place it in your web directory OUTSIDE public_html so that nobody can access it except yours ex. backups

    2. Edit (at least) the following lines :-
    USERNAME=dbuser (The user must have at least select privileges to the databases) PASSWORD=password
    DBNAMES="DB1 DB2 DB3" (make sure to keep the quotes " " otherwise it won't work)
    [In case you are using it for mybb forum db, it should be only the name of your forum db and i recommend to use it for that only]

    3. Make the file executable :- chmod u+rwx (755)

    Part 2
    Now we need to set a cron job which will run it at a specified time: (to know how to set it please read Here)

    I am just providing here the most important part, command line (only this which many of you don't know to write it).
    In the cron command line, write
    Quote:/bin/sh /home/[your username]/backups/
    and save it to run once daily.
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    Why do you need all that? Most hosts provide auto backups. If not, you can always switch to Wordpress and use an auto backup plugin.
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    Agreed with this as well, why go through all this trouble when there are easier ways? this would definitely be for a pro..

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    Theatre of dreams :)
    why are you bumping 3+ year old threads??????????