how to add friends fast

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by ariella123, Feb 20, 2011.

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    and to not friend spamming cause fb will cancel account
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    I made a bot that would go to a website that shows facebook updates of random profiles and click their username, add them as a friend, do this ten times, enough time for some to accept me, then remove the ones that didn't accept so I could keep a low reject rate. But it didn't really add a lot so scripts are not very good at adding friends.

    What I suggest is making a legit looking profile with a picture of a pretty girl or women but not super-sexy as to not be believable but once you have a normal and cute looking girl you should go to group pages, fan pages and join and comment, get a reputation for yourself on those groups and soon enough people will add you themselves. Which is always the better option because your friend rejection rate will be non existent if people are sending to you rather than you sending to them. Also it's worth noting that if you go that route and make a girl profile you should make it seem as legit as possible. With daily updates and a lot of profile information like bio and lots of hobbies and interests and things.

    Good luck.