How Should I Spend My $1490 tax return?

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    Alright...this isn't another thread about what software and other crappy ebooks I should waste my money on.

    My tax return for this year is coming in the next few days, and I am trying to figure out what I should do with it. I'm definitely not a newbie, but I made some dumb choices starting out in my business three years ago that have led me to get into some serious debt. I didn't buy every crappy product out there or waste thousands of dollars in software. I got into debt from not making much money through running a cheap article service and not making enough to pay my bills. I just let the credit cards pay my bills for a while.

    I finally went out and got a 2nd job and quit providing cheap article services. I can't believe how much time I wasted on that stupid service LOL. My revenue from the article service over two years was about $20,000 (not profit), but I am done with that now.

    Anyways, I know pretty much everything about SEO and can put up simple Wordpress sites. I know all about outsourcing your business to the Philippines. I have training in PPC but no real experience here. I also know now that I need to start building sites and building an email list.

    I have a blog through my SEO specialist job (my day job as a result of my IM business) that was averaging over 500 views a day consistently, so I know how to find keywords and get ranked in Google and all that stuff.

    With all of that said, my business is doing nothing, which is why I have two jobs now. I hate it. I work over 70 hours a week now and it is killing me. I am starting over with my business.

    I have a Clickbank account that sells a cookbook several times a year. I have an Adsense account. I have an Amazon account. I have several CPA accounts. The Adsense used to make around $100 per month. I sold an ebook as a WSO in 2010 which generated several thousand dollars in revenue.

    I abandoned most of my passive income streams years ago when I started that stupid article service! These days I make a little in Adsense, and I have an occasional sale with Clickbank from stuff I did in 2008, 2009, and early 2010.

    Now that you know my skills...

    The question is what should I do with my tax return. I need to know which avenue you think would be easier to monetize so my business would start generating revenue right away. Should I:

    A) Hire a VA to do everything for me while I work my two jobs, and wait for the income to build up so I can quit one of my two jobs. My VA would write articles and build content for my blog. I'd setup the site for them and give them direction on keywords to target to start driving sales and income. I figure I would spend $300 to $400 for a full-time VA from the Philippines.

    B) Set up an IM blog with lots of IM related articles to drive traffic to it. Setup an autoresponder on the page for free crap or a cheap product. Spend $1000 on solo ads to build a list really fast, and then I would start pushing WSO crap through the Warrior Forum. By my calculations, $1,000 to $1500 in solo ads should get me an email blast out to at least 10,000 people. If 20% of those people read the email, I figure maybe 500 of those people would sign up for my list.

    I don't need advice on how to find VAs or how to find good email lists. I know how to do that. I just need to restart my business so I can get my business going and get back to one job, and eventually work from home.

    Should I do A or B? Any thoughts?


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    hmmm . you already know about some things so this will be easy .

    For you I think offering services would be cool . BUTTTT not article marketing services .

    Seo services would be great for you since you already understand SEO . And whats hot right now is facbook fans/likes , twitter followers, Youtube views thumbs up all that . Google + .

    So pick from one of them .

    i would suggest getting an website with hosting . go with host gator .

    use wordpress buy a cheap but good looking business theme from themeforest or another them seller website .

    Pick on or several services from the list of them . find an seller . There are plenty of them on BHW that offer reseller advice .

    But i would suggest that . Then build and scale it . Then when your business makes money for you . Hire an outsourcer . you know you can pay ! .

    its that simple really in my mind !