How should i list items in christmass

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by ninjastealth, Nov 23, 2010.

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    I am wondering if there is any skill to listing certain items at christmass time. Should i have the price higher because people are willing to fork out extra cash for that present for there loved ones at christmass etc?

    Would be awesome if some mad sellers could let me know what sells real good. lol doubt thats gonna happen tho!
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    Mention that you ship FAST to beat the X-mas rush, and you pay money out of your own pocket to do so. I increase my listings by 10%-15% if not more. Buy it Now is important, but auctions are too. Most other sellers start doing Only BIN at this time of the year which means that the people who are bidders only, have less to bid on meaning less competition for you. If your items usually sell successfully at the prices you charged before that 10-15% increase, you probably won't lose any money by doing listings and you can force items by doing auctions for just 3 or 5 days.

    Edit: Don't sell at ALL 7 business days before X-mas. It's not worth it, theres a HUGE spike in people leaving negative feedback because they got their item on the 26th.
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    In the Christmas rush, you can charge premium prices by providing premium services.

    The 3-4 weeks before hand, start experimenting with different listing formats, spread them across short BIN, long BIN and auction. You wont be able to get away with a flat percentage price increase, but you should stay aware, and increase prices as your or your competitors stock levels drop.

    While this is good general advice, you can capitalize on other sellers who do this.

    Take all of your regular listing schedules, and pause them about 8-9 days before Christmas. You do not want ANY listings going on then.

    Then convert all of your listings to "FREE OVERNIGHT POST" and add the overnight shipping charge, and another 20% markup.

    Advertise the next day shipping prominently in the listings and you will convert a lot of sales at a bigger margin than usual.

    Stop these listings 2-3 days before Christmas, and then start up regular listings on Christmas day to capitalize on "I wanted X but only got Y"