How schould i learn how to do keyword research?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by voldemc, Aug 20, 2010.

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    Hello BHW members,

    I want to learn the keyword research , i've searched the forum for a little bit , but i didn't found the information i need.
    I have a few questions so i would like to start asking you , here i go.

    1. What is the first thing i schould do before doing keyword research?
    2. Maybe you can tell me some tips that would help me out to understand everything here.
    3. What kind of software or tool i schould use for KWR.
    4. I need to learn a lot of things and i really want to get into this , also i need some information about micro niche websites , maybe you could give me some examples or explain me everything , how to make money from MNW how to get started , maybe some tips or somekind of information for me , it would be very usefull for me.

    If you know that there was a thread like mine , i mean that someone allready discussed about theese things , then drop me the links if possible , it would save me a lot of time as i need to learn a lot and i allways keep searching and learning.

    Any usefull information is welcome i would be really really greatful that somebody would help me in this case.

    Furthermore i would like to find some people in here which could give me their MSN e-mail that i would be able to ask something i don't know , if someone could be that person let me know , becouse it's very good for me when i have someone who explains me something when i need that.

    I've been visiting this forum long time ago , whole summer i was working in the summer job and i didn't had time for inthernet business , but now the summer is almost over so i have to go back to theese thing and start earning money again.

    So i am waiting for your replies guys , gonna check them soon , please no flamming as noone ever bourned with all that information allready sticked into their heads.

    Grateful , voldemc

    P.S sorry for my english , i make some mistakes , but i hope you understand me.
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    Ok. I learned keyword research by myself by watching a lot of video, reading a lot of threads and of course, the hard way. First of all I want to say that no matter what ANYONE tells you, ANY niche is a good niche. Well just about any... Don't go trying to rank for anything to do with acai berry, etc... Anyway, here we go...

    First you need to come up with a seed keyword. For this example we can use desktop backgrounds. People will say this niche is saturated but it's a great niche. Now we need a software. I suggest Market Samurai since you can get it free in this forum and it's all I have ever used. Create a new project and put in desktop backgrounds as your seed keyword. Now go to the keyword research tab. Here you can also add your own keywords. I like to come up with 5 seed keywords in scrapebox, scrape for keywords, use those as new seed keywords, scrape again, and get a decent list of keyword, but this is optional because you probably don't have scrapebox. Anyway, hit generate keywords and then hit analyze keywords. Then you want to check "SEOC" and hit analyze again. SEOC tells you how many websites have that phrase keyword (the keyword in quotes) on their site. The lower this amount is, the better your chances of ranking for that keyword are. You want to look for keywords with about 50k or lower SEOC.

    The keywords you choose should not only have a low SEOC, but a decent amount of searches. I would say 50+/day for a beginner, maybe even less.

    Pick a root keyword, for example lets say some thing like "really cool desktop backgrounds" and pick a few other keywords such as "light blue sky desktop background" or whatever.

    Make your domain name your root keyword and make posts with titles as your other keywords.

    I probably missed a lot but that should be the basics. In short, SEOC less than 50k and searches should be 50+/day.

    Feel free to follow my blog. I am currently working on ranking a site for a lot of different keywords.

    Good luck and feel free to ask questions.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that you should also install the SEOQuake toolbar for firefox. Search for each of your keywords in google and check the amount of backlinks the sites have to see how hard they will be to rank for. Also keep in mind that if yahoo answers, bookmarking sites, etc... come up, your chances are pretty good.
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    For Keyword Research tools I recommend using this:

    And to answer your first question:
    In order to have keywords to research about you must select a niche:

    An example for you:
    Niche- Car Repair
    Keyword ex: car repair tools, car repair service & etc...

    Hope I helped!
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    Thank you for your advice guys now i gonna think which niche to choose and at first i gonna watch all those keyword research videos to learn more.

    I am really appreciate for your help , i will wait maybe someone would be able to help me more.

    Thankful , voldemc.