How much you charge for this SEO task ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by easy123, Sep 14, 2011.

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    Currently i'm looking a seo service/partner to help me in this field . I received several offers but i'm not sure about their price is true or not . So please help me decide also find a good SEO service :) for monthly maintenance ( offpageSEO/link building )

    They're charging about 500$/month :rolleyes:

        Baseline SEO Report
          Competitor Analysis Report
          Keyword Research, Analysis & Review
          Implement the Google Analytical Code
          Base line Keyword Ranking Report
          Optimize Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL
          Validating the Website code via W3C Tools
          Submission in 88+ Google Datacenters & Free Search Engines
          Submission in ODP(
          Submission to 900 Search Engine Friendly Directories
          Inclusion in Alexa
          List the website in Google Base & Google Product Search(Only Product Sites)
          Keyword Ranking Report (Monthly basis)
          Traffic Analysis Report(Monthly basis)
          Addition of Link buiding Section
          One Way Link Building Service
          Improved Keywords Density & Prominence
          Improved Keyword Saturation
          Press Release Section in the Website
          Submit Press Release into 150+ PR Network Websites
          Participation in Discussion Forums
          Optimize RSS feeds
          Submitting Articles to 500 Articles/Content Directories
          E-Mail Marketing
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    Not sure what you're asking?
    Are you asking if that is good for $500/month?
    That's a decent price for a flat rate, but once those things are done, what are you paying monthyly for exactly? They'll probably say continue to link build, submit directories/articles, etc., which isn't worth $500/month.
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    Who knows, a lot of that is meaningless garbage that won't do much for your rankings.

    I'd ask more about:

    One Way Link Building Service
    Press Release Submission to 150+ PR Network Sites

    and what e-mail marketing means.

    As I said above though, judging by the looks of that, I wouldn't pay $100/mo. for something like that. That looks like a lot of one time work, then sit back and collect a paycheck for the rest of the time, type of activities.