How much would you pay for this business card ?


Jun 20, 2013
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for this one :) give honest comment. I just added another card please take a look.


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I wouldn't pay a dime, especially cause I know photoshop.

Looks like some text and a green box on top of a picture. Not to say the card doesn't look alright, but as far as design goes, there isn't a whole lot of design in that card.
I am on the market for a business card and I wouldn't pay a penny for this card, or 100 cards w/ this design.

The business card is something you give to potential clients, not elementary girls who like flower designs. Also, make the card landscape view like normal business cards. If you removed the weird color from the background along with the childish font as your main text, It may be worth something.

Sorry if that was blunt, but you said honest!
i do business cards on fiverr and you must do it business related.. in your example whatt is the point with SEO and abstract background?
That's just a card. Nothing to do with business. Anything that has to do with your business, is supposed to look professional. Especially business cards, adverts and whatever a potential client sees first.
Well to be honest.. if you are a newbie of doing designs its a good start but for me if you sell this design. No one will buy this designs since it is a basic and text designs and background are not quite clean.. More improvements will come to you if you will look for some designs like in designing contest sites..
OP, have you liked it as a designer or as a buyer of a small/mid/large company owner? Be honest... :)
Yeah.. you'll have to re-do that one! It looks about as unprofessional as you get, try to make it readable and flip it sideways... when holding a business card, you don't want your thumb on the address etc
OP, have you liked it as a designer or as a buyer of a small/mid/large company owner? Be honest... :)
I like it because its my first try at photoshop. :) But i will not buy this as a buyer of a small/mid/large company owner.
Updated one looks better. Instead of the dots between designer, blogger, studio or whatever it is, I would try to incorporate some design that relates to your colorful design on the top-left corner..

Jee I should do this.....
1st one is really good. If i need to buy i would like to pay less the $5 most likely $2-$3.
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