How Much To Make Custom Software?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by goldencrownz786, Jun 27, 2012.

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    i have an idea for my graphics card overclocking website. Off the bat without much work its getting organic google traffics for main keyword.

    Im want to develope a a simple program in any lanugage that is extremly user firendly and that can modify computer settings to overclock graphics card. It can also simply modify bios setting for graphics card, but i want all this to be done in an extrremly user friendly way, without the user getting under the hood of the settings, if you know what i mean .

    i wanted to know how much such a thing would cost? im a very fast learner and have programming knowlege, how would i go about creating this myself.

    If anything can you suggest an affilate program that i can commison off of.

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    Every card would react differently, in order to have reliable software that people will want and recommend to their friends you're going to need extensive QA on all supported cards. There are a lot of GFX cards on the market, they are also far from cheap.. You're going to require a shit ton of money to get this going.
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