How much to charge for maintaining rankings ?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by novel92, Jul 24, 2012.

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    hey guys,

    how much $ would you charge for maintaining a #1 rank for dentists, lets say with 1000 monthly searches as i am new and have no clue how much a potential client is approximately worth to them!
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    It all depends on how much VALUE you can show them. You could sell them for $500/mo or $1,500/mo. It all depends on how you pitch. Start the negotiation out higher that way when you hit your price in mind they will think they are getting a deal. (which they are). Don't even speak of pricing until you break down the numbers for them and show them what they will really be getting.

    Don't sell them on "ranking on first page". Sell them on "X amount of projected new clients/mo"

    As far as the value of a new patient for a dentist, have a look at this:
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    MitchHoward hits it right on the head. How much value can you show? As far as what a client is worth, they will tell you. You must ask them what their ideal clients are, what they are worth etc.. They have no issue saying. It is not an issue getting this type of niche to pay you 1-2k per month BUT they won't pay that for maintaining a ranking they will pay it to an advisor that gets them rankings, talks conversions and helps them work through the process of learning exactly what the visitors are worth. Cool thing is once the numbers are down if you make them more than you cost them they have no reason to ever stop.